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"Abby" loves her human siblings and her tennis balls! 
She was adopted by the Klein family in Spring 2005.

"Brandi" joined the O'Neill family in Spring 2004.  When she's not busy riding in the convertible Mercedes Benz, she enjoys napping on the couch or enticing the turtle in the pond to play.


"Chewy" (right) is shown above enjoying her couch with brother Fonzie.  Formerly known as Treasure, this cute little Pom was adopted by the Goodwin family and spends her days napping, playing a game of chase with Fonzie in the kitchen, or simply sleeping in bed with her mom & dad.


Little Nikki loves slippers and naptime on the couch!  He was adopted by the Blackwell family.

Gus joined the Ritter family where he has an ample supply of tennis balls, plenty of walks, and a huge yard for playtime.


Lucy formerly known as "Pretty Girl" was adopted in October 2004 by the Derry family.
She is shown with her human sister and canine brother, Bucky.


Reilly   was adopted by the Lange family in early 2005.  He enjoys his tennis balls, and will place it on the banister, watch it roll downstairs, and retrieve it.  He's quite the self-entertainer!  And creative too!

Riley found his forever home with the Stottman family. 
He also has a new sister, Aspen, with whom he loves to play.  At night he enjoys sleeping with his human "brother".  His favorite past time, besides playing ball, is eating bugs.  (His brother thinks that's pretty cool!)


"Shadow" is a handsome black Labrador Retriever who was adopted by the Golden family in February 2005.  Not only does he love his new family, he also enjoys napping on the bed!

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