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"Bentley" (right) was formerly known as "Milkshake", and now makes his home with the Flippin family and his new friend, Barley.  Bentley is a smart little boy who learns quickly and is becoming a well-mannered house dog!

"Bailey" & "Bailey" above.  Bailey Polly (pictured to the right in the second photo above) went to his new home with the Polly family, and his grandmother fell in love with him and was ready for a golden of her own.  Just to make things interesting, she also adopted a dog named Bailey (top photo, as well as second photo, right).  Bailey Reiter loves to go camping and has toured a good part of the U.S. with his new mom & dad.  He also enjoys spending time with his "nephew" Bailey Polly! 



Chandler is a gentle and handsome Golden who was adopted by the Falk family.  He enjoys going to the park and also has his own feline friend to snuggle with on cold days!

Black Beauty spent the first few years of her life living in a dog run with little protection from the weather.  This is where she delivered litter after litter of puppies, until finally her owners decided to release her to rescue.  That was the best day of her life!  Black Beauty is now a pampered family member who lives inside with the Kurz family.  She enjoys playing ball and spending time with her doting parents!

Lady Gatsby came to rescue when her owner died.  She is now the pampered pooch in the Tyler household, and as you can see from the top photo, enjoys the comforts of the bed with her new "sister".  She is shown with her new mom in the second photo above.

Chopper was adopted by the Welch family, and makes good use of the swimming pool!

Daniel loves his toys! He is the happy addition to the Eldredge household.

Roxy was adopted by the Marusich family in April 2004. 
This smart little girl is now a grown up dog and just enjoyed her first camping trip!


"Mulligan" formerly Maggie, is going to celebrate her three year anniversary with the Bach family on December 21, 2005.  She's currently learning Agility, and having advanced from her obedience classes.  She shares her home with canine sister Peppermint Patty and brother Bogey.

Kayla  (left) joined the Chamber family, and their other RFSC adoptee, Lady Kate (right).  They are beautiful girls and have a beautiful yard and garden!

Libby was adopted by the Lanigan family, and has frequent visits from the family's grandchildren.  She loves the kids and enjoys taking naps with them too!


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