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"Ally" was adopted Summer 2005 by the Blake family and is shown on a trip to Lake Havasu with her doting mom!  She enjoys being out and about on trips with her family, and keeps a busy schedule while traveling abroad!


"Sam" joined the Dewitt family October 30th, 1999 and is now a youthful 7-year-old!
His "mom" recently wrote, "Sam is a pleaser, smart, beautiful at heart and is our baby boy. Everywhere we go he draws a crowd.  They tell us how beautiful he is and can they pet him. He especially loves the kids and has an enormous amount of patience with them."


Mocha, (formerly "Hope), a pretty Chocolate Labrador Retriever, was rescued from a local animal shelter by an animal control officer who brought her to us for placement.  She was adopted by the Hall family, and joined their other dog, Casino.
Mocha loves to swim in the pool and is also quite the snuggler with her new family.

Bailey is the newest member of the Sutherland family!
Isn't he handsome?

Charlie & Kyser are both RFSC adoptees who make their home with the Rios family!
Kyser was the first adoptee, and when he needed a friend, the family brought Charlie home.
They will soon be adding another photo to our Success Stories pages, as they recently adopted a third RFSC Golden - Buddy!  When not lounging on the bed, the boys enjoy vacationing at Lake Havasu or wrestling with each other in the yard.

Kaci is a gentle, wonderful girl who needed an equally gentle and wonderful home!
She found it with the Kelly family and is shown with her new mom above!

Max's new family needed a dog that is good with little Yorkies, and found their match in this gentle, Chocolate Labrador Retriever! 

Oscar, a young little Dachshund pup, was adopted by the Greathouses.
He's a much loved member of their family, and enjoys sleeping on the bed!


"Riley" joined the LaBorde family and loves to carry around her Teddy Bear!
She's started obedience classes and is a happy girl in her new home.

Rosie found her new home with the O'Brien's, a Basset Hound loving family!
She has a Basset brother, Ralphie, and spends her days enjoying a comfy bed and plenty of food!

Zoey, a one-year-old Labradoodle, is shown enjoying her comfy bed in front of the fireplace in her new home!  She was adopted by the Wills!


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