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Cocoa is shown above with her ribbon after obtaining her first of three legs in AKC Rally novice!  She was adopted by the Oesterlein family in May 2004, and since then has had six months of obedience training, 6 months in Rally, and has recently started Agility.  She is a happy, well trained Labby!



Dodger, formerly Lucky, was adopted by the Booth family!  He is shown to the left of his new "sister" Sadie, also an RFSC adoptee!  The two dogs love to wrestle and play, and Sadie is especially happy she gets "Top Dog" status!

Jake is a happy, snuggly boy, as you can see by the photo of him on his mom's lap! 
He loves to go to the park and really enjoys his toys.  He is newest member of the Smith family!

Quinn & Willow came to RFSC for adoption when their last family didn't have a secure yard, permitting them to cross a very busy highway on a daily basis.  They now have a very nice home and yard, complete with a pool for swimming!  The Juranich family adopted them, seeking harder to place dogs, and fell in love with these precious senior girls.  Quinn & Willow love their pool, and will entertain themselves by throwing the balls in and jumping in after them.  When out of the water, they enjoy their dog beds - even snuggled up together!

Toby now makes his home with the Smith family, where he enjoys such comforts as the sofa, his mom's bed, and visiting his friend and swimming!  No, he's not spoiled! 


Rocky's formerly family couldn't keep him due to an illness, so he came to us for a forever home.  He found it with the Jenkins family!  He has Golden siblings "Moose" and "Aspen" and a human sister, Ashley!

"Wilson" is shown above performing his tennis ball trick!
This funny and friendly boy was adopted by the Wilson family, giving him the name "Wilson Wilson."  Wilson joins the family's other dog, Maggie (below, left) who is also an RFSC adoptee!


This kitty won the lotto when he was adopted by the Browning family!
"Tangelo" is shown here the day after his adoption, already comfy enough in his new home for picture time!



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