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Harley came to us when his family had no time for him. 
However, his new mom & dad were so excited about their new dog, their family surprised them with this Stork in the yard when they arrived home after his adoption!  We have no doubt his new family will have plenty of time to spend with this wonderful boy.

Haley's Puppies
Haley's owner was transferred to Iraq, and his wife moved out of state.  With so much going on, the family knew they couldn't care for momma dog and her 9 pups.  Following are pictures of some of the puppies in their new homes.

Daisy, formerly "Baby", is shown in November 2005 in front of the family Christmas tree. 
She was adopted by the Powell family and makes her home with her human brother and sister!
She enjoys play dates with the neighbor's Labrador Retriever puppy and likes to go for walks to the local school. 

"Hank" (far right) helps celebrate a birthday!  He is the newest member of the Nickerson family, and has a happy Labrador mix sister for companionship during the day, and visits from a friendly Rottie too!

"Smiley Kylie," previously known as Bubbles, was adopted by the Newman family and is shown here with her new brother, Jake.  He has taught her how to sit for treats, and she has taught him a few tricks of her own! 

Boo has a new name - Madison Wilson!  She is shown here lounging on her mom's bed, and sunbathing in the yard while visiting her grandparents.  She loves her stuffed animals and tennis balls!

Starbuck was adopted by the Hughes family, and now has a Boxer mix sister named Tigger to keep him company during the day.  He is shown above enjoying the comforts of the family sofa.

Romeo is shown enjoying his favorite napping place - a basket! 
This lucky feline was adopted by the McGinnis family.


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