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Scout (A.K.A. Gage) is a sweet young Golden Retriever who was adopted in March 2004 by the Morrow family.  He has three new "brothers" to share his days with!

Bella, a beautiful golden retriever pup, was just 10 months old when she came into our program for adoption.  She was very fortunate to be able to join the Cutroni family.  She is shown above with her new furry sister, Cassie.  Bella loves to go for walks and play with Cassie.


Pepper (formerly Tori) is shown above left, lounging on the couch with her "sister" Charlee.  Pepper was another Golden Retriever pup whose owners had no time for her.  She is the happy addition to the Centers family.

Sweet Allie was adopted by the Fernquist family. Her dad takes her for frequent trips to the groomer to keep her looking beautiful!  She is one happy little Shih Tzu!

Charly, a young Golden Retriever, joined the Girard family in February 2004.  She has a new sister, a Cocker Spaniel, named Bailey, with whom she enjoys playing.  Charly also loves to sit in her mom's lap and give her kisses! 

Dexter (AKA "Sid") was a ten month old Boxer pup whose family was too busy for him.  He was adopted by the Bullard family, who already had a boxer named Sammy, his new "sister".  As you can see, Dexter enjoys a nice, comfy bed!

Ginger, a happy yellow Lab, was adopted by the Leard family. She is shown smiling here with her "brother" Fred!

The Stephens family adopted Shakobe, a black Lab mix, in 2003.  He needed a pal, so Jewels went to their home in February 2004.  Both dogs have learned the couch is much better to sleep on than the floor!

Max, a very photogenic Golden Retriever,  loves his tummy rubs! 
He was adopted by the Davidson family.

Nellie Gail (formerly "Sasha"), is an active yellow Lab who needed an active family!  The Campbells were just the right home for her, and she gets frequent outings to the park where she LOVES to play fetch! 

Penelope (aka "Brandy") was not allowed to join her owners when they moved to a new home.  She was just the perfect match for the Lawrence family, and is best friends with her German Shepherd "sister".

Roxy loves tennis balls, and her new family, the Greens! 
She also loves sleeping on the bed!

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