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Lola (formerly Nala) is shown here at Christmas time with her new family, the Baileys!  Lola loves going for her daily walks with her new dad!

Austin was adopted in November 2003 by the Moore family and has been smiling ever since!  He lives near the beach, gets frequent walks and has a mom & dad that adore him!

Hannah & Redford are precious 7 year old Golden Retrievers who came in to rescue together and were adopted together by the Funk family. They enjoy going for frequent walks, lounging on their dog beds, and carrying around their new soft, stuffed toys (aka "woobies").

Max got a new name - Mac (short for McDonnel-Douglas) - and a new home with the Collumb family in September 2003.   Not only does he have a new mom & dad, but he also has an older golden retriever "sister" named Clio, pictured right. 

Molly is a pretty, blond Golden Retriever who was adopted by the Taylor family.  She is shown here after taking a nice, long walk!

Callie is the newest member of the Willing family.  Callie is never far from her favorite "woobies".


Zoe (formerly "Molly" and pictured left) was adopted by the Rieger family in November 2003. 
She is now a couch potato!

Karch's family couldn't keep him any longer, but the Meier family sure loves him!  He is now best-friend to two twin toddlers and doesn't let them far from his sight!

Max (formerly Grundy) is a Russian Blue kitty
who was adopted by the Meine family.  Naw, he's not spoiled!


Max is a great dog name too! 
This Golden Retriever was adopted by the Sheldon family, and his best pal is the family's toddler.  He enjoys lounging in the kiddy wading pool with his friend too!

Simba is a goofy Golden who seems to have difficulty getting all fours on the couch!  He was adopted by the Fink family.

Goldie loves to run around the acreage at her new home, and at night she sleeps in bed with her family.  She was adopted by the Jacono's.

Sam (short for Samurai) is the newest member of the Haworth family!

Murphie (previously known as Rosie) has kids and plenty of chew toys to keep her busy during the day!  She was adopted by the Blair family.

Kali (aka "Lonnie) was adopted by the Fetterman family and
is shown here with her parents and brother Buster (pictured right).

Silly Scooby, a yellow Labrador Retriever, gets into all kinds of mischief, and loves climbing into the water fountain!  Scooby joined the Downs family.

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