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Bozeman (formerly "Jake") was adopted by the Rudolph family in September, 2003 at the age of 5 months.  They quickly taught him sit, down, come, take it, and off commands!  He's a smart boy and lucky to have such eager "parents" to train him!

Shilo is a cute little Pomeranian who gets to travel to the beach and mountains with his new doting parents, the Kellemans. He was adopted May, 2003.

Beau is the new member of the Rifkin family, adopted April, 2003.  As you can see, he is very much loved!

"Cookie" (a.k.a. Lurlene) was adopted in 2000 by the Falk family at the age of ten.  She passed away in August, 2003, from cancer.

Bam-Boo (formerly "Hailey"), pictured left, was adopted by the Hashimoto family in May, 2002.  She is shown here with her new human and canine siblings.

Sunshine loves to relax on the bed and watch TV with her new family, the Bonds! 

Rocky (formerly Zeke) is shown here after going to his first day of Basic Obedience Training.  He is a happy, smart and well-adjusted pup, and loves his new family, the Melemeds.

Madison, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was adopted July, 2003, by the Reese family.  She loves her new dog bed!

Daisy was adopted by the Carroll family and has the added privilege of swimming (or just lounging!) in the pool!

Toby is the newest member of the Dao family, and enjoys lying on the couch!

Maxwell, a smiley Airedale Terrier, was adopted by the Sufficool family.  He is very patriotic!


Jessie (a.k.a. Pespi), pictured right, poses for a snapshot with her new "sister" Georgia.  Jessie was adopted by the Shaver family.

Kelly's new dad master's giving tummy rubs to this silly girl!  She was adopted by the Velasco family.

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