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Wiley was rescued from a San Diego animal shelter where he'd been taken after repeatedly escaping from his yard.  He no longer has a reason to leave home - he's a happy indoor pampered pooch with the Schamel family, adopted December, 2002. 

Tovah, a wonderful Golden Retriever, was turned in to RFSC by her owners who were overwhelmed with caring for their kids and had no time for her.  She was adopted in December, 2002, by the Monroe family, and is shown here with her new mom!

Stormy, lying down next to her "brother" Ryan.  Stormy was adopted November, 2002 by the White family.  She is the families second RFSC adoption - Ryan joined their family earlier in the year!

Dakota, (aka Honey), is an Australian Shepherd mix who was adopted by the Turner family in December, 2002.  This smart girl started obedience classes, but had learned phrases such as "let's go for a walk", "outside", and "food for dogs" quickly!

Millie, adopted by the Mack family in December, 2002, was one of a litter of Doberman puppies that was being given away in front of a store.  Thankfully a good Samaritan rescued them and brought them to us.  As you can see, Millie is enjoying her new home and toys too!

Emmett, previously Shamus, was rescued from a local animal shelter where he'd been unclaimed by his owner.  He was adopted by the Vogelsang family in September, 2002, and his new mom is a veterinarian.  How much more lucky can a dog get?  The family has since added another golden to their household, so he also has his own sister to play with!

Max, a cute white Poodle, was rescued from the shelter and fostered with the Lewis family, who happily adopted the little guy.  He needed a friend, so Terrance joined their family next, also an RFSC rescue!

Twinkie, pictured left with her new sibling, was adopted by the Morrow family in January, 2002.  She loves her kongs!

Minnie, a Jack Russell Terrier who was turned in to rescue for hunting her family's roosters, found a new home with the Dempsey family in August, 2002.  She is shown with her new "brother" Buddy.  Minnie has given up chasing chickens, and her new hobby is giving kisses!

Karly, a cockapoo pup, was adopted in June, 2002, by the
Mc Coy family.  She is shown lounging on the couch with her dad!

Spooky, formerly known as "Hawk", was adopted in September, 2002, by the Grande family.  He is shown here celebrating his birthday with his new doggy siblings and mom & dad.

Strawberry was adopted by the Sharp family, and is now called "Rusty". 
As you can see, she loves to sit on the back of the chair!

"Blaze" was adopted by the Russo family, and is shown here sporting his Christmas hat with his Border Collie pal, Casey.

Bear (aka "Kyle"), loves his binky! 
He was adopted in 2001 by the Ritchey family.

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