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A.J. was rescued from a San Diego county animal shelter where he'd been turned in by his owner for digging out of his yard.  This boy has no reason to be unhappy any longer - he is now the much-pampered house pet of the Fenwick family, adopted October, 2002.

Dexter is a very happy dog now in his new home.  He gets lots of outdoor play time but loves to spend time inside the house with his new family, the Hans.

Buddy & Penny are happy "Labbies", adopted by the Blake family.  The pair met in their foster home, and were adopted together.  They are shown here on their vacation, a dream trip for water-loving Labrador Retrievers!

Lilly, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, enjoys shredding her tennis balls - upside down, of course!  The cute, mischievous little girl was adopted by the Lane family.

Cleo is a black Labrador Retriever, a sweet, quiet girl given up to rescue by her owner and adopted by the Seale family.  As you can see, she loves snuggling and cuddling her "sister" on the couch!

Colby (previously known as "Kodiak") was adopted by the Burden family.  In addition to his new dad, he also has a Labrador Retriever pal for a brother now!

Andrew & Shelby are sweet little Cocker Spaniels,
turned in to rescue through no fault of their own. 
They have a happy success story, now part of the
Greear family where they have their own chair to share!

Frankie was just a young boy when he was turned in to RFSC.  He is enjoying his new home, toys and blanket!  He was adopted by the Heller family.

Hobbs, a senior golden retriever, was one of our favorite dogs in our program.  We were thrilled when this special boy was adopted by the Fountain family.  He has a Labrador Retriever pal to share his days with!

Jackson, an Australian Shepherd, goes on vacations, herds sheep and goats, and gets lots of exercise with his new family, the Von Haam's.

Maddie (formerly "Princess"), a Golden Retriever x black Lab mix, now has a cute little Lab puppy for a friend.  She was adopted by the Mitchell family!

Minnie, a Basset Hound, enjoys roaming around on her patio!  She was adopted by the Van Dyken family.

Playa, (formerly "Molly"), was adopted by the Rajknechts, and joins two other family labs!

Nanook (formerly "Otis"), gets to play tug-o-war with his new canine sister, and when he's not playing by the pool he's swimming in it!

Bandit now has a last name - he was adopted by the Carter family,
and is shown with his new sibling "brother".  He was one of a litter of pups rescued by RFSC.

Rosie is a good looking girl, and she poses here with her new sisters! 
She was adopted by the Dean family.

Ryan was rescued from a local shelter where he was due for euthanasia before he was rescued by RFSC. 
He is now the happy, pampered pet in the White family!

Shelby, formerly known as Nalu, loves babies! 
She is shown here with her new mom. 
She was adopted by the
Pritchard family.

Spooky was adopted by the Goern famil, and enjoys his new pool!.  As you can see, he loves the water, and is quite photogenic too!

Bruno is a lucky boy - he was being given away with the rest of his litter in front of a grocery store when a good Samaritan rescued the pups and turned them over to RFSC for placement.  He is now the happy, spoiled member of the Kaeser family!

Storm, one of the litter of Dobie pups rescued from in front of a store, was adopted by the Schley family.  He is shown here with his new mixed-breed "sister".  He enjoys sleeping in the house after a busy day playing outside!

Stormy and his tropy & certificate from basic obedience training.

Taffy (formerly Lucy) is a Golden Retriever mix who LOVES balls and resting in the chair!  She is shown here with a canine visitor! 
She gets to go lots of places with her new mom!

Tara, a golden retriever adopted by the Pira family, loves to go to the beach and for walks with her new dad. 

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