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"Macy" (formerly known as Chyna) was rescued from a local animal shelter.
She is now the pampered pooch in the Fazzone family.  She has her own pool and enjoys swimming, as well as spending time with her Cocker Spaniel "sister".

"Rusty" was adopted by the Kovacs family in November.
He is now a pampered pooch who has his own little girl to spoil him!

"Goldie" had been banished to the outdoors after having living inside all of her life.  She was sad when she came to us, but is now the newest member of the Zekan family, with whom she often goes camping!   She was adopted November, 2001

"Roxy" is a happy Lab who was adopted in September, 2001 by the Cantor family.  She's shown here celebrate Christmas with her Mom & Dad!

"Mulligan" was happily adopted by the Bain family in March, 2001.  He'd come to us a very sad dog, having spent the previous five years tied up to a fence and had the rope embedded into his fur.  He is a true rescue doggy!

"Murphy", previously known as Keeley, was adopted in Spring 2001 by the Norton family!  His dad says Murphy goes everywhere with the family, and we can see from this photo of him in the car he goes in style!  When not at the dog park or dog beach, Murphy likes to snooze on the couch! 

"Bentley" was rescued from the Orange County Animal Shelter in February, 2001, and was adopted by the Pinon family.  As you can see, he is properly spoiled!

Charlie is living the good life with the Lee family.  He was adopted on February 17, 2001.

Mandy is a now boat loving pooch, adopted in April, 2001 by the Haccunda family.

"Sunny" was rescued from the San Bernardino shelter by RFSC, and was adopted by the Tan family April, 2001.  Sunny recently attended church and was blessed on St. Francis' Day!

"Rusty", a sweet red golden was adopted by Scott and Lisa McKenzie in August, 2001.  As you can see, he has an ample supply of tennis balls in his new home!

"Blake", rescued by RFSC from the San Bernardino animal shelter, was adopted by the Landsburg family in October, 2001.  Not only does he have a home, but he's got neat things to chew on too! 

"Clancy", the blond boy on the right, is lounging on the bed with his new human and canine brothers.  Clancy was adopted in September, 2001 by the Bolinger family.

"Skipper" is a cute little Corgi/Terrier mix that was rescued from our local shelter.  He was so endearing he wasn't with us long before he was adopted by the Ford family!

Phoebe (now known as "Nikki") was adopted by the Powell family in February, 2001.  This special girl got a special home where she's a pampered pooch!

"Sara" is now the water-loving gal, enjoying trips to the beach with her new family, the Strutzmans, who adopted her on January 27, 2001.

"Chelsea", left, and "Bubba", right, were adopted by the Henchbarger family just weeks apart!  Both are special seniors who are lucky to have gotten such a special family!  They pose here on Christmas morning with their mom!

"Woody" gets privileges on his family's bed!  What a lucky boy!  He was adopted by the Harshbarger family.

"Bronson", pictured left, was just a year old when his family decided they could no longer keep him due to their new baby.  He went to live with the Fox family and now has a new "sister", right.

"Murphy", picture on the left, is out hiking in his special little booties to protect his feet!  He was adopted by the Macomber family and gets LOTS of exercise!

"Brandon" was rescued from the Bakersfield shelter before he was adopted by the Beahm family.  He poses here for a picture with his mom!

"Tewa" (formerly known as "Ruby") was a submissive little girl when she first came to us.  She is now the happy, pampered pooch and the most recent addition to the Moran family. 


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