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"Gabe", a Golden Retriever x Aussie mix, was rescued in December, 1999, from the Carson shelter.  He is now a proud member of the Goodrich family.  He and Cal, above left, are "forever pals".

"Maggie" was just a little pup when adopted by the Jimmink family in the Spring of 2000.  She has been to obedience classes and likes to go surfing the waves at Dog Beach!

"Marge", an English Bulldog, was adopted in September 2000 and is shown her celebrating her 7th birthday on January 30th, 2002!  Marge is happily spoiled as all dogs should be! 

"Michael" was rescued from the Carson and was adopted by the Reilly family in January, 2000.  He is shown here on his vacation with his family.  Isn't he gorgeous? 

"Bradley" is a five year old Golden Retriever whose owner could no longer care for him.  He was adopted by the Sheldon family.  As you can see, he loves his tennis balls!

Toby, now "Cork" (red boy on the left) was adopted by the McGovern family on May 27th, 2000.  He shares his home with his two golden sisters, snoozing in the grass!

"Lady", a yellow Labrador Retriever now known as "Tica" was adopted by the Johnson family in the fall of 2000

"Ginger" was just a pup when she was adopted by the Mares family.  Her last owners kept her in the garage and dog run, but now she has full rights to the family sofa!

"Lea" is now the lucky little pup, adopted by the Lathrop family.  She loves to "help" her mom in the garden, but is always ready to come inside too!

You can't tell that "Baxter" was recently a homeless pooch.  He is the newest member of the Connel family, and was adopted in 2000. 

Cassanova is a happy Borzoi who was adopted by the Harker family!  He's a little too tired to figure out which presents are his! 

"Frisco", now known as "Cisco" was one of his foster mom's favorite dogs.  As you can see, his new mom thinks he's pretty terrific too!  Cisco was adopted by the Parknakian family.

"Dakota", pictured right, joined the Golias family and now has his own new sister too!

Pearl is a special Great Dane who was adopted by the Taylor family.  They are teaching Pearl sign language, as she is deaf.  Pearl is enjoying her family, and is shown here on a trip to the beach.

"Roxie", a gentle Boxer, was adopted by the Harrell family where she enjoys lounging on the bed with her human "sister"!


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