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kess.jpg (16742 bytes)

First "Kess" joined Mark and Erin,
and then they decided to adopt another....

chief.jpg (19924 bytes) here's Chief!
Chief is a special "Golden Oldie" who was rescued from the shelter with his Border Collie pal.  Both Chief and his friend became homeless when their elderly owner was taken to a Nursing Home.  Kess and Chief share their home with Mark and Erin's other Golden Retriever, Mozer.  The three golden retrievers get to go camping and enjoy all sorts of out door activities. 

abby1.jpg (10071 bytes)

"Abby", a chocolate Labrador Retriever,
was adopted by the Stump family in July, 1998.
She's a purebred AKC girl that was turned in
to rescue as a puppy.  She was so fortunate to
find such a wonderful home with Tim and Amy,
who have this girl in advanced Obedience courses.
Abby just celebrated her first birthday,
and the best part of all was having her own, wonderful family!

toby2.jpg (11152 bytes)

Sweet "Toby", sitting atop his Daddy's lap, is an AKC registered
Golden Retriever who was turned in to the shelter by
his owners who were moving.  His misfortune in life is
over, as he was adopted by Jeff and Pat Lambert.  He
now has his own playmate, Holly - blonde golden beauty
pictured above.  At seven years old, Toby is
technically a senior; however, ask his new
Mom if that stops this boy, who has just
begun Agility training.  Way to go, Toby!

winston6.jpg (11115 bytes)

Cute little "Winston", a golden retriever puppy,
adopted by the Thomas family.
This little boy obviously loves his fuzzy
"woobie," Mr. Bear!  Winston and his
canine "brother" are accompanying Mom
for a summer trip to the Sierras!  Have fun, Winston!

"Gretchen" is a ten year old golden retriever who was rescued from a life spent locked in the garage.  She is one lucky girl, with her own Australian Shepherd "brother", Jack,  for companionship.  Here's what her new family has to say about this senior golden girl:  "Gretchen has blended in with our family wonderfully.  She enjoys her walks and playing ball in the park.  (Although she lets Jack do all the work.)  You wouldn't know she is 10 years old by the way she and Jack wrestle around ALL day!  Gretchen is kind and patient with our autistic son.  She gently takes treats from him and even knows a few tricks.  She has lots of love to give and will snuggle up with you when you sit down to watch T.V.  We are very happy to have Gretchen in our family; she is a wonderful dog."

"Sandy" and "Summer" are two very special Golden Retrievers who were turned into rescue together and desperately wanted to stay together in their new home.   These two were lucky girls when they were adopted by their new moms, Gail (above) and Susan.  Aren't they gorgeous?!?!

"Sara", sporting the red bow above, was adopted by the Burton family.  This is her second Christmas in her new home!  Below, Sara hams up with her "sisters" for the camera! 


GromitLake2.jpg (9741 bytes)

"Gromit" was a squirrely guy when he first joined the
Silliman household last year.  They gave him the attention
and training he needed, and he has grown into a
magnificent family pet.  Gromit is a perfect example
of what rescue is all about!!

success_tasha.jpg (10966 bytes)

"Tasha" was a young stray at the Devore Animal Shelter
when she was rescued by in July, 1998.  She was
destined for great things, however -  Tasha is now being
trained as a service dog for her new Mom, Cindy Ross.
Way to go, Tasha!!

madelline.jpg (15960 bytes)

Here's "Madelline" - the sweet girl on the right with her adorable golden "brother," Sonny.  Madelline was an obese older gal when she came to us,
and was put on thyroid medication and a weight reducing diet.  She's now fit and trim!  Madelline was happily adopted by Carrie Phillips, and as you can
see, her story has a VERY happy ending!

CessieMae.jpg (7655 bytes)

"Cessi Mae" is an 8 year old Golden Retriever who was devastated when her owners turned her in to rescue.   It was several weeks before we felt she was emotionally ready to find a new home.   In addition, Cessi Mae had never been spayed, putting her at risk for mammary gland cancer, which she was found to have.  After her surgery to remove the tumor and to be spayed, Cessi went to stay with her "foster" family, Steve and Tamyra.  The rest is history, as we know how precious golden girls worm their way into Daddy's hearts!   Cessi is officially the new addition to the Morad household, and even has her own "sister", Katie - a golden retriever, of course!


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