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TASHA... from Tasha's Family:

We thought we should let you know of Tasha's recent passing.

Tasha was adopted from B.A.R.C. back in August of 1998. She was a wonderful addition to our family; we had her for over 12 years and she gave us much joy.

Unfortunately a brain tumor and bowel disorder shortened her life when she still had plenty of spunk left in her. She was 13.5 yrs. old and spent most of her life as Cindy's service dog which she did very well.

She was a good pal to our other dog "Kodak" and they shared many good times playing and chasing one another.

We would like to thank the wonderful folks at Retrievers and Friends (formerly BARC) for the opportunity to adopt "Tasha" and for the happiness she brought us!!





DIXIE... from Dixie's Family:

Dixie was turned into Retrievers and Friends when she was 9 years old.  She was supposed to be a foster dog, but we quickly fell in love with her.

Dixie was the sweetest golden retriever. She was always happy and loved everyone. 

Dixie had numerous health issues from the beginning.  She had seizures but we were able to reduce the frequency from monthly to every 3 -5 months.  We also soon found out that she had Laryngeal Paralysis.  She also had rear leg weakness that progressed significantly as she aged.

Regardless of all of her health issues, she was so happy. She didn't know there was anything wrong and loved life to the fullest.

We miss our Dixie-Bear.  Our house is not the same without her.    She was 14 years, 5 months old when she passed.  We felt honored to have had her in our lives for 5 years.










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