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Sixteen years ago, a few days before Christmas , my husband went outside to collect the morning paper. Under our truck, we found a six week old bundle of fur.

My husband picked up the little fellow, brought him in the house and exclaimed "We have a problem". At that same time I was in the kitchen making my first batch of truffles chocolates.  Within 5 minutes  the little retriever, shepherd mix touch our hearts and he became known as Truffles.

For 16 years, Truffles was devoted to my husband  Jimmy and I.


In his final weeks, despite the fact that his hind legs would shake from muscular degeneration, he would follow us all over the yard. For months my husband and I labored over the decision of when to put him down.

March 9th we had a vet appointment for a check up. That morning I went for my daily walk asking for the strength to make the best decision for our buddy.

We arrived at the vet and were escorted into an examination room. The staff at Calimesa Veterinary Clinic had given Truffles years of excellent care. Because of his age and their kindness, they always made themselves available to us.

As we waited in the room, we laid Truffles' quilt on the floor.  For the first time in the 16 years of vet visits, Truffles merely lied down letting us know he was ready. My husband and I both feel that he loved us so much that he helped us with the decision. We miss him so very  much.  He will always be in our hearts.

Jim and I would also like to express our appreciation and devotion to Liz  for also helping with our difficult decision.

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