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It's with great sadness and a heavy heart that I have to write to you to let you know that are beloved golden retriever, Bailey, has passed away. He courageously tried to fight off a large cancerous tumor in his abdomen.

We adopted him in July, 2007. Even though our time with him was far too short, everyday with him was one of our best days as he was always there to give us a sweet smile and pause to let us pet and talk with him. He was a best friend to everyone he met.

There was no one (human, canine, cat or other animal) that he did not greet happily with a big smile and "hello." He loved to shake hands with you too! He was the most confident dog we have every known.

He knew how to handle every social situation just right and even taught our other dog, Buster, some well needed social graces.

Bailey was a peaceful and loving soul that taught us so many life lessons. We will miss him greatly. Thank you for the most wonderful golden retriever in the world! He was truly golden in every way


Just writing you to tell you that our loyal friend, Cooper, passed away in
his sleep last night at the age of 12.

We adopted him from RFSC in 2006.  He immediately became my shadow. Wherever I went....he went.

He fit in beautifully with our other younger golden, Abby. They were like Frick and
Frack and often slept end to end or side to bookends.

A real homebody, Cooper loved napping on the couch, stealing snoozes on our bed
while we were at work and scheming to grab an occasional loaf of bread off
of the counter.

He loved to play fetch with the ball and he was THE great
protector of our home.

I will miss his soft ears and his snuggly personality. Cooper was a great
friend to us all. Thank you for allowing him to become part of our family.

He has forever changed us.


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