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Sissy (formerly Camille).... From Sissy's Family

We lost our sweet little Miss Camille, aka Sissy, on March 2, 2011. We adopted Camille in Nov’08, and had the joy of having Camille in our home for almost two and a half years. She was so timid when she first arrived. It took Camille about six months to wag her tail, and
for the longest time, we thought her “wagger” may have been broken.

Once she started to trust us, she couldn’t get enough love. Sissy loved to wear pretty sweaters, and as you can imagine, pink was her favorite color. She was a "Daddy’s Girl”  and she was absolutely crazy about my husband. About fifteen minutes before Jonathan would come home from work, Sissy would wait by the door for him. Then she would  follow him into the bathroom while he took his shower. After dinner, she follows him around until her bedtime at 9:30 pm.

Many times I felt like my husband had a mistress.  As a matter of fact, one of her sweaters said, “Home Wrecker”. When she wore that sweater, our neighbors got the biggest kick out of it. After all, they had seen Sissy in Jonathan’s arms, receiving hugs and kisses with much more frequency than me…

She touched our lives in many ways and she was quite the explorer. Sissy loved to go off on her own expeditions, smelling everything along the way. Mommy would be frantic until she found her and little Camille would just be ready to come back into Mommy’s arms as if nothing had happened. She was our “itty, bitty, pretty girl” and we love and miss her very much. Not a day goes by that we do not think about our little girl.

I, my husband, and our other dog, Mr. Woo, went to our ranch; climbed to the top of the mountain, and gave Camille a proper burial. She loved going to the ranch with Daddy, and we felt this was the perfect place to lay her to rest. We know that Mr. Woo will be ready for another furry friend very soon. He slept in her spot on the bed the first night after she passed away ~ something he had never done before. Mr. Woo is sad and he has been very quiet since she has been gone. Meal times are not the same either. It’s very calm, unlike before when we would yell, “Yum, Yums”, and hear the little pitter patter of nails sliding on the hardwood floors.

It was always a contest to see who could arrive first!

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